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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Cheap Hotels Bandung Deals

List Hotels and Reservations come back again to get information about Cheap Hotels.Among the many hotels in Bandung, how many pieces of the number of Cheap Hotels in Bandung running and poor across the world of hospitality Bandung, West Java, of course, could be an option we were needing a Cheap Hotel Bandung Deals in the city.

Cheap Hotels in Bandung City can we classify some parts, and Cheap hotels in Bandung West Java that we provide data under a cheap hotel that cost about one hundred thousand rupiah per night.To get the latest and most comprehensive information about the price and vouchers, promos of Cheap Hotels Bandung can we know HERE.

List, Name,Address Cheap Hotels In Bandung, West Java, Indonesia is;

Bantal Guling Gatsu Guesthouse

(Jl.Gatot Subroto 194 Bandung, Bandung City Center, Bandung / (022) 2502494)

There are shared bathroom single fan with a rate of Rp 80,000 in Pillow Bolster Guest House Gatsu which is equipped with modern amenities such as a hot shower and a TV.

Bolster Bantal Bandung Square

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(Jl. Moh. Toha No. 42, Bandung / (022) 5205613)

With room rates starting from Rp 100,000 per night, each unit's room at the inn this one is equipped with comfortable beds, TV and others. The cost of staying in cheap accommodation in Bandung is also included with breakfast.

Dago Guest House Kampung Padi

(Jl. Dago Corner # 89 AF, Dago, Bandung / (022) 2.50705 million)

There are various types of rooms at the Dago Guest House Kampung Padi suitable for backpackers with modern facilities such as en suite bathroom (hot and cold water), cable TV channels and a private balcony. For a room with air conditioning is available for a particular type.

Mulyasari Guest House

(Jl. Mulyasari II No. 3 Bandung / (022) 2006609)

Mulyasari Guest House is a cheap hotel with a rate of Rp 120,000 per night. Regarding the existing facilities is quite complete and modern include TV, DVD, air conditioning to refrigeration and so forth.

Venice Guest House Bandung

(Jl. Kebun Sirih No. 6 Bandung)

Situated in the city center makes Venice Guest House very strategic with modern facilities. Rates offered its own ranging from Rp 120 thousand to Rp 140 thousand.

    asleep Inn

(Jl. Hegar Asih No. 4 Cihampelas / (022) 99,535,511)

For those of you who need a place to stay comfortable with modern facilities in Bandung, Asleep Inn is an appropriate choice. With fares starting from Rp 120 thousand hotel this one is equipped with private bathroom with cold water and pnaas and television.

De Sun Pasteur Guest House

(Jl. Surya Sumatri No. 4, Pasteur, Bandung / (022) 93,198,989)

Quality furnishings are available in single bed room non AC with a rate ranging from Rp 130 thousand. Facilities that complement each room, among others such as bathroom in along with all the accessories and various other modern amenities.

De River Guest House

(Jl. Cihampelas 294, Cihampelas / (022) 2042822)

Vacation in Bandung with a minimal budget is no longer an issue when staying at De River Guest House. With a budget from Rp 130 thousand you can already stay and try out the facilities such as flat-screen TVs, air conditioning, Wi-Fi and the hotel staff were friendly services.

De Orange Pasteur Guest House

(Jl. Babakan Jeruk 4 No. 11A Pasteur, Bandung / 0816-1177-110)

Although only providing budget accommodations with type 1 single room. De Orange Pasteur Guest House can be an option backpacker budget from Rp 140,000. Facilities that can be enjoyed include a TV and a bathroom hot / cold water and supplies.

Rinjani Hotel Bandung

(Jl. Student Warriors 45 No. 92A South Bandung / (022) 7305339/7301200/7305340)

Hotels near Bandung Super Mall (BSM), provides 55 units of rooms with rates ranging from Rp 120,000 - Rp 210,000. Although relatively cheap, but this one hotel furnishes each room with a telephone, television, shower (cold & hot water), air conditioning and fan.

Brawijaya Hotel Bandung

(Jl. Pungkur No. 28 Bandung / (022) 5210376)

Hotels are located close to the shopping center ITC is offered with rates ranging from Rp 70 thousand to Rp 150 thousand per night. There are 20 bedroom units with facilities such as air conditioning, television and bathroom.

Griya Indah Hotel

(Jl. H. Moh. Iskat No. 21, Kebon Kawung, Bandung / (022) 4204784)

Hotel with 30 bedrooms units have rates ranging from Rp 75,000 - Rp 250,000 for one night. Not only cheap, but this one hotel is also located very strategically, it only takes about 15 minutes from Bandung Station.

Continent Hotel Bandung

(Jl. Student Warriors 45 No. 111 Bandung / (022) 7321708/70821690/7321709)

Has 44 units bedroom hotel this one will be the right choice for lovers of culinary tourism because it is close to Lakasana, Mie Beat Mang Dadenga, Mie Baso Bumbu Desa and honey. Regarding the issue of tariffs, including very affordable because only the range of Rp 90 thousand to Rp 365 thousand per night.

Hotel ZZZ Express Backpacker

(Paskal Hypersquare D2 Jl. Pasir Kaliki 25-27 Bandung City Center, Bandung / (022) 87,786,212)

According as the name suggests, with fares starting from Rp 90,000 per night is special for the backpacker. On the issue of amenities, Hotel ZZZ Express Backpacker provide standard facilities like jasmine in general.

Chez Bon Hostel

(Jl. Braga 45, Bandung / (022) 4.2606 million)

Located in the old city of Bandung, Chez Bon Hostel comes with a very unique old building. All rooms with a total of 50 units were supplied very clean with a friendly staff. The inn is also available to escort package Rengganis and Crater Kawah Putih. Rates hostels in Bandung with a 1 star hotel facilities is offered with rates ranging from Rp 90 thousand.

Hotel Puri Gardenia

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(Jl. Line Ukur No. 30 Bandung / (022) 2501221/2503345/2506067)

castle hotel gardenia-horz

Although it has a low price, this inn has a natural freshness because its pages are always kept clean and complete with lush green trees. Its location close to Gedung Sate and have a complete facility from the air conditioner. Non AC, bathroom, telephone, television, bar, coffee shop to the meeting room. Nevertheless complete this hotel rates only start from Rp 120,000 - Rp 475,000 per night.

Hotel Gurame

(Jl. Line Gurame No. 7 Karees, South Bandung / (022) 7304475)

hotels carp

Cheap lodging this one is in the path of the canal Gurame better known stone fruit Bandung with rate starting from Rp 135,000 to Rp 240,000 per night. Regarding the standard of the hotel's facilities like a cheap hotel in general. However it has a very fresh color and make visitors comfortable because the atmosphere is green.

Hotel Ten Bandung

(Jl. Line Fruit Bati No. 81, Bandung / (022) 7306153)

Cheap hotels this one has three different locations, among which in the Line Student Warriors, Fort Strip and Strip Stone Fruit. Ten hotel itself is also close to the hotel Gurame. The advantages of this hotel is in the arrangement of the furniture and layout of the bedrooms, coffee shop and night package. The rest just like the hotel in general. Rate per night this hotel from USD 145 thousand - Rp 230 thousand.

Hotel Kanira Bandung

(Jl. Student Warriors 45 No. 10, Bandung / (022) 7321990/7316283/7303616)

kanira hotel

Providing 34-bedroom unit with a rate of Rp 120 thousand to Rp 180 thousand per night, this hotel is not far from the Cicadas. Hotel amenities this one as the best budget in general.

Hotel Kurnia Bandung

(Jl. Line Karapitan No. 83 Bandung / (022) 7305205)

hotel gift

Being in a strategic place, close to the area of ​​education and access to transport capable of being a distinct advantage for this cheap hotel. There are 20 units of rooms with rates starting at Rp 140,000 - Rp 180,000 per night and standard amenities.

Hotel Provence Gegerkalong

(Jl. Gegerkalong Gilang No. 140 Bandung / (022) 2021674/2010959/2013786)

Lodging near religious tourism to the region is very suitable Gegerkalong Daruttauhid chosen as a place to rest a while. With standard facilities, rate of budget hotels is also quite affordable at starting at Rp 130,000 per night.

Nugraha Hotel Bandung

(Jl. Jallur H. Mesri, Bandung / (022) 4236146)

Offers 28 units of rooms with rates ranging from Rp 150 thousand to Rp 310 thousand per night make the hotel one entry in the list of cheap lodging Bandung. The room amenities that are applicable to the selected room type bed.
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Giri Elok Hotel  Setiabudi

(Jl. Setibudi No. 430, Bandung / (022) 2010895)

Just as the name given to this cheap lodging, Hotel Giri ElokSetiabudi the hotel at a rate of USD 150 thousand - Rp 270 thousand per night that are on the Setiabudi. The fares are quite affordable does not make them cheap, because here the visitors are treated to lodge a fresh and adequate facilities in accordance room options.

Lebak Mount Permai Hotel Setiabudi

(Jl. Setiabudi No. 414, Bandung / (022) 2506067)

Location Hotel Lebak Mount Permai Setiabudi can easily be found if you already know the location of Hotel Giri Elegant. Because the inn with a rate ranging from Rp 150 thousand per night this was not far from the Hotel Giri Elegant. Not only that, but the inn is also close to a number of tourist sites in Lembang, Bandung.

Hotel Sanira Bandung

(Jl. W.R Suresh No. 37 Bandung / (022) 7.20848 million)

Hotel this one has a typical form of European-style buildings (the Netherlands), which is very unique. With the tariff range of Rp 150,000 to Rp 250,000 per night inn one standard facilities such as a dining room, TV, air conditioning, bathroom, wardrobe and dressing table.

Puri Tomatoes

(Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 420 Bandung / (022) 2501746)

tomato puri-horz

Located in the inn or hotel Dago's make this one excels in terms of atmosphere because it is very cool and comfortable at the same time amazingly beautiful scenery. The facilities available are adequate and close to a 5 star lodging and also like Hotel Jayakarta Hotel Serathon.

Manzila Guest House

(Jl. Cijawura Girang II NO. 27-28 Sekejati, Soekarno-Hatta, Bandung / (022) 87.52983 million)

Manzila Guest House provides a backpacker room with a rate of Rp 53 thousand, with a capacity of 1 adult. Facilities provided for this backpacker rooms include comfortable beds with breakfast at the same internet access. All rooms backpacker in decor is interesting for the convenience of guests.

Unique Guest House

(Jl. Ences Ajis 34 (Substation Jati), Sand Kaliki, Bandung / 0811224978)

There are fan shared bathroom single rate Rp 80,000 which is very suitable for travelers with limited budget. Available room is equipped with a double-sized bed, bathroom with hot water facilities and cable television channels.

That's the name, address, price or room rental rates Cheap hotels in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Which we can say the price is very cheap and become part of the most inexpensive hotel in Bandung today.